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Our Location

We are located in the heart of Greenville at 973 Greenville Avenue, Greenville, RI.  Just around the corner from the route 44 Newport Creamery restaurant next to Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio and Apple Valley Dog Grooming. 

(401) 949-6211

From Fidelity Investments and Bryant University, take rt 116 south to rt 44.  Turn right onto 44, then quick left onto Greenville Avenue- 10 minutes or less depending on traffic.

From Coventry/Hope take rt 116 north to rt 44.  Turn right onto 44, then first right onto Greenville Avenue.

From Warwick/Cranston take 295N and use the NEW EXIT 10 at the Citizens Complex.  You'll avoid rt 44 altogether and save 10 minutes.

The Benefits of Our Services

Enjoy your life again without limiting pain.
Children and Adults that utilize Chiropractic take fewer medications.
Sleep better.
Lose weight.
Have less allergies and fewer colds.
Exercise more because pain doesn't limit and discourage you.
Feel better and look better with improved posture.
Hold your kids and grandkids longer, with more enjoyment, pain-free.
Be able to travel and not be afraid of long flights or rides because you'll feel great.
Excel in athletics (I wish I had a Chiro in High School) because your skeleton is balanced.
Breath better because your shoulders aren't so rounded forward anymore.
Live headache-free or close to it.
Save money!  An ounce of prevention...

We look forward every day to working with the great families of our community.

What Comes First, The Problem or the Pain?

The problem always develops first.  Symptoms show up at the end.

Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of people with CHRONIC symptoms that are not getting better.  The most common symptoms we see are PAIN, numbness, tingling, HEADACHES, lack of mobility, fatigue, and poor sleep that continue on as a vicious cycle.  Most have been diagnosed with arthritis or fibromyalgia, or will tell us about old injuries and past car accidents or sports injuries.  Many even think their symptoms are normal because they are "getting older".  A common misconception.     

Everyone needs to understand that appropriate chiropractic care can improve balance and function at any age, helping you feel better to enjoy your life.  

Do YOU have problems stemming from old injuries that have healed wrong or been neglected 5, 10, 20 years?  Maybe STRESS levels at home or work are too high, poor ergonomics at home or work, years of manual labor, or just everyday things like being a Mom or a Dad or grandparent and carrying the kids around, doing yard work, spending too much time at the computer, shoveling, sleeping in awkward positions, etc.  Whatever the reason, call today, we will sit down with you, listen to your story, and determine if we can help you.

If you have poor posture and fit the above profile at all, call today.

Fix the underlying problem and prevent the pain.

Call today 949-6211


Workshop Schedule

Workshops are back!

Prediabetic?  Type II diabetic?  Just need to shed winter weight?

Weight Loss with Ideal Protein Protocol January 16, 23, and 30th at 615PM

Please register ahead.  Call 949-6211, text 477-2007, email