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Schedule Changes and Announcements

Dr. Robitaille will be on the radio Wednesday, August 2nd 5-6pm as a guest on 
the Money Talk show sponsored by the Sowa Financial Group

The Summer Shape Up is underway...
Our workshop series returns in August!

Time to shed excess pounds!

Call or email to reserve your seat(s).


Dr. Robitaille recently particpated in the Twin River employee health fair.  This is a great way to get out into the community and communicate the relief and preventative benefits of chiropractic, as well as the protocol for our weight loss program.  If you're company has an annual health fair or has a space for private consults, let us know.  Dr. Robitaille will be happy to participate.


The stresses of our modern society and culture of endless productivity (with little downtime) has driven us all off the cliff.  Our bodies were designed to be healthy.  "Normal" is optimal.  Supercharged is not.

We are here to help.  Thankfully the philosophy of Chiropractic's model of healthcare is congruent with nature and always works.  Adjustments work to balance the body and undo the daily stress that accumulates thus allowing everything to work better.  when we are responsible and make good choices regarding rest/sleep, diet, exercise, stress management, etc and we get enough sun, drink enough clean water and breath clean air, surround ourselves with positive and loving relationships - then amazingly, we'll express better health and feel better.

If we haven't seen you in a while, we urge you to call or stop in for a chat.  We can re-connect and work together to restore the healthy mind-body you were born to have.

Workshop Schedule

Weight Loss Workshops will resume Dec 30 at Noon, then Jan 4th and 11th

One-on-one consults are available anytime.

Weight Loss - Your Last Diet  How to lose and NOT regain.   Lose 2-6 pounds per week (of FAT)! 

Our dieters are not only losing weight, they are lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and getting off medications.  Type II diabetes is reversible.  Lower your A1c and feel great!

No exercise required, but can be included.   Special DISCOUNT given at these workshops.

Register here:

There's a reason why Weight Watchers and others do not work long term and can actually decondition your body.  We'll tell you why.  Start now and you could lose 25+ pounds of FAT by the Super Bowl!

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